Please click on the links below to read articles written by Wisconsin coaches. If you want to contribute, please do so! Email your article to The topic does not matter, but here are some ideas: most effective drills, personal experiences with playing tennis, attendance at a professional tennis match, interesting/funny story, suggestions for younger coaches, etc....

Tips from coaches
1. Keeping it Fresh: these activities are those that are designed to get your athletes moving at the start of a practice but are not running laps or line around the court. They can also be activities you have found successful to just keep the fun going and relate to tennis, but the connection might not be direct: contribute your activity, view what coaches have contributed

Articles (click on article title to read)
"Tennis Websites" by Bill Zigmund (Green Bay Preble, Green Bay Southwest)
"Why I Love Tennis" by Jon Vogt (Brookfield Central)
"Two Minute! Effective Efficient Player-Coach Communication" by Suellyn Schellpeper Rohrer (Oconomowoc)
"The Two Handed Backhand in Fifteen Minutes: Point, Pocket, Pose" by Bill Zigmund (Green Bay Preble, Green Bay Southwest)
"Challenge Matches" by Andrew Andress (Hartford Union)

WTMJ's Lance Allen interviews Tim Smyczek about his past and future tennis success

620WTMJ's Doug Russell interviews Tim Smyczek during a recent trip to Milwaukee