The Two Handed Backhand in Fifteen Minutes: Point, Pocket, Pose

A number of years ago I attended a workshop where a Wilson representative presented the 3P Method for teaching the two handed backhand. I’ve used this method for over twenty years with a great deal of success. In about 15 minutes, your players will have a nice looking two handed backhand. Notes are listed under each picture.

Step 1: (POINT): Have the student turn sideways (as illustrated in the photo below) with the racquet pointed at the ground and perpendicular to the fence on a tennis court, if available.
Photo 1.jpg
Teaching point: You can use two eastern grips for right and left hand or have the right hand in the continental grip!!!

Step 2: (POCKET): The student’s right hand should be on his left pocket (as illustrated in the photo below).
Photo 2.jpg
Teaching point: The nice thing about these two steps is that the student can check if the racquet and hands are in the proper position!!!

Step 3: (POSE): The student should swing the racquet going forward and not lifting the racquet up from the starting position. They must swing the racquet with a quick pace and finish over their right shoulder. During their swing, they will go through the pose position (as shown in the photo below). At the pose position, the student should only see the frame of the racquet. The student should be stepping forward with their right foot as they swing.
Photo 3.jpg
Teaching point: Have the students standing sideways on the service line and feed them balls from the opposite side of net, close to the net, throwing balls overhand that bounce once before getting to student. It is important to swing hard and finish over right shoulder. At this point, we are not interested where the ball goes but more concerned about the correctness of the swing.

This really works!!! Good luck….