spaceThe girls tennis season is about a month away and I am anxious for it to get underway. I’ve been doing this for 40+ years and am constantly trying to improve my coaching skills. It is my belief that every player on our team should be taught to swing correctly in regard to the forehand, backhand, serve, volley and overhead. It is a goal of mine that they not only be taught the correct swing but are able to display that they have mastered these techniques.

spaceTo enhance my teaching abilities, I am constantly on the internet looking for websites that will help me as a coach. The following are a list of some of the websites that have been of value to me.


spaceFuzzy Yellow Balls, Essential Tennis, and One Line Tennis feature Will, Ian, and Florian leading you through various aspects of the game and are well worth looking at. Will and Ian are quite verbose while Florian has a straight forward approach. The most comprehensive site is TVtennis drills featuring Jorge Capestany. The site has excellent instruction along with drills as well as strategies to use. The drills are also printable.

spaceWebtennisdrills and Webtennis24 are sister sites that do not have a spokesperson but feature most aspects of the game. The drills for young kids on Webtennis24 are excellent. Tennisone features a couple of tennis instructors and often sell their tennis videos at a reduced price. Webtennis features Brent Abel talking about his success as a tennis player at age 60+ and offers strategies that he often uses. Jeff Salzenstein offers some unique approaches to hitting certain shots but talks a little too much about himself.

spaceThese sites often will charge money to access their sites as well as quite expensive costs in my opinion to obtain info on the various tennis strokes. It is a good idea to wait for a while and pick up some of these offers at a reduced price.

Good luck with your fall seasons!

William Zigmund
Assistant Coach at Green Bay Southwest, Green Bay Preble